About Code Chewing...

Code Chewing is all about providing a way for you to find good quality, and well explained examples of common and complex issues as website developers, as well as advice and tips during the whole development process from coding to hosting.

Code Chewing intends to analyse and explain problems in order to provide solutions for all web developers and software engineers. Topics commonly discussed include technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Linux, web servers, MySQL etc.

For the foreseeable future, this website will kick off with articles relating to my own experiences in the web and software industry, as a developing developer! Consider it like a library of resources, where you can search for any web related queries you may have stumbled across that I've perhaps already been able to answer for you.

Why do it?

I'm frequently searching the internet for solutions to problems; especially when I get stuck on a bit of code or need to know what the best approach to a problem may be. When I search to solve a problem, I tend to focus on finding a good example of the technique I'm trying to implement. And in most situations, I find a snippet of code with some explanation of what it's doing. I'm deeply grateful to all those people who help others in the community, and I want to give something back. I also want a reliable place to call upon when I get stuck again. And that's where Code Chewing comes in. With it's continuing growth, I hope it becomes more and more useful over time, not only to me.

About me

Currently I work a 9-5 as a software engineer; but wish to go full time freelancing in the near future. I like my home comforts (in fact I tend to work better at home) and want to spend more time at home with my loved ones. I read a lot - probably around 75% of the time it will be a technical book "Learn as if you were to live forever", right? I've normally got a few side projects going on, either paid or something to strengthen my portfolio. I like to play 5-a-side football and meet up with friends whenever I can.

Anyway, welcome to the Code Chewing Library. I hope it can help you out.