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How to speed up LibreOffice load time

LibreOffice slow to load/open?

“LibreOffice opens so slowly!”

“Accelerating start-up of LibreOffice is what I need!”

“Libre Office slow start-up!”

If you’re experiencing similar issues as above, you can improve this,  by adjusting a few settings inside of LibreOffice, and soon after you’ll be flying through the load screen!

Start up your favourite LibreOffice Application, such as Writer, then follow these simple steps to optimise your load and start-up time:

  1. Tools > Options
  2. Expand the LibreOffice section > Click on Memory
  3. Underneath the Undo Category, reduce the number of steps to 20 or so (this is the amount of undo steps that are held in memory – so if you’re typo prone, you might want to customise this to suit you! Just try to keep it as near to 20 as possible for faster load time…if you can afford to of course!?)
  4. Underneath the Graphics Cache Category, you could increase the Use for LibreOffice to 128MB, it may help. Any more than that and it’s hard to notice much difference.
  5. Underneath the Graphics Cache Category, change the memory per object to 20MB (this allocates more cache memory per object)
  6. Underneath the Cache for inserted objects Category, make sure that Number of objects is set to 20.
  7. And finally, in the LibreOffice Quickstarter Category, tick the checkbox for Load LibreOffice during start-up.
  8. Click OK,  and restart the application.

You should find that your load time for LibreOffice has now improved…if not, learn to become more acceptant, or buy Microsoft Office!

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14 thoughts on “How to speed up LibreOffice load time

  1. Nacho Libre Joe

    12-23-2015 Zombie Resurrection post. Libre Office 5.??? just hit and it is now fast as MS Office or anything for load times. Even the portable version. No more click it and snooze for 15 seconds. It’s fast now!
    – Joe

  2. Stepping Stones Magazine

    Another tip: if you don’t use Libreoffice Base, you can disable Java under “Advanced” under LibreOffice (options menu). Since disabling Java, LO Writer opens up and is ready to go within 2-3 seconds. Additionally, if you have low memory in your machine <1 GB, then enabling Quick Starter isn't a good option as LO then keeps part of itself loaded into memory for quicker response with opening new docs.


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